Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions regarding the services of Uniquecustomboxes.com have been disclosed here. Our conditions apply to all clients who use our services. We hold the right of changing the T & C at any time without prior notice to our clients so it is recommended to all concerned persons that keep visiting the conditions page without an unnecessary delay. Uniquecustomboxes.com is the manufacturer of packaging boxes and is the proprietor of material as well. Besides this, we secure the right of giving free samples of our printed boxes on the request of clients because we value customer satisfaction at all points.

Copyright Notice:

We assume that visitors of this site get the awareness regarding the material, design, product classification, graphics, color options, dimensions, and other details. The content that is published on Uniquecustomboxes.com is the property of our company and we do not allow any sort of amendment. It is our right to make changes in the content when needed and duplicating or copying our content is strictly prohibited. We own the copyright and we can take severe actions in the case of violating our website rights. More on, we require legal notice or lawful authority for republishing our content. 


User Conduct on Our Website:

Those who use our pictures, content, samples, audio, video or any other sort of material for the purpose of advertisement are responsible for the misconduct or misuse. You are not allowed to share our website stuff without asking for permission. While visiting our site, you need to acknowledge that all the material associated with our site including pictures, music, videos, content, blogs, product descriptions, or other details will be shared for progressive purpose and action can be taken on misuse. Meanwhile, you take the oath that all the material that is published on our site under the category of copyright won’t be shared or transferred to third parties for the sake of money or other illegal activities. 

We do not own rights over the material that our clients tend to share of uniquecustomboxes.com and we do not give the legitimacy or affirmation regarding the material. We are not responsible for any content that you find unlawful or revolting. 

We have the right to remove any stuff including videos, content, audio or images that seem destructive, irrelevant, damaging or generally unlawful. However, it is not our obligation to relinquish such material that breaches the terms and conditions or which are questionable. The company holds the authority to update, amend, or change the substance at any time. We may uncover if:

  • It is legally required
  • Apply for the terms of services.
  • The web content violates the third-party right 
  • It is about the rights, wealth or safety of our website and our clients

It is your duty to unveil the authentic and accurate information to uniquecustomboxes.com as if you want to obtain our products or services. This site serves business and independent visitors regarding the product packaging services and there are no hidden policies. The abuse, breach of copyrights, or misuse of our site’s content will be taken as a crime and we can take legal actions for that. 

For all clients, it is important to reveal accurate information as if you want to get your request processed in the best way. The inaccurate information can prove against your favor. More on, while visiting our site for the sake of services, you declare that you are utilizing the whole information as a client. 

You make a commitment with a secure password while assessing our site account. It is recommended to not share the password with anyone because we do not take the responsibility of any sort of inappropriate activity. Besides this, if someone else asks for the packaging services from your account, it will be your responsibility to handle the situation by disclosing real facts. We enable access to our site to all those who get registered for the account.

For all who urge to use our products and services will have to share their email address, contact number, name, date of birth, business name, business address, and other details so we’ll be able to contact in the future if needed. We hold the right to request our clients for the company name, product design, dimensions, and other information if it seems mandatory. 

When you visit our website, you basically confirm the site copyrights and cookies policy. Besides, you acknowledge that you have read and examined the privacy policy of uniquecustomboxes.com for utilizing the information mentioned on the site. Your consent is important and while visiting our site, you should make sure to have a bird’s eye view on the privacy page. 

Indemnification Limitation of Liability:

You take the oath that you will guard and ensure the safety of uniquecustomboxes.com as well as firm employees, delegates, staff, members, material providers, contractors, subcontractors, subsidiaries, and executives in the case of an invalid claim against the firm. More on, you will support us in case of allegedly wrong demonstrations of the client parties or un-proved printing issues. Here, cases have been disclosed:

  • Damages of legitimate insurance of individuals
  • Incorporation of occurrence of occasions that seem foul, misleading, inappropriate, and injurious
  • Youll repay in case of the unapproved access to our site areas that are protected through passwords
  • You will be with the firm in case of vandalism and misfortune that arises in the result of a claim
  • Protect the organization from misleading information
  • Verdict award
  • Youll pay the company for all the services you obtain including the legal expenses

Unique Custom Boxes will not be responsible for any sort of damage, misconduct, or harm of its workers, marketing persons, media persons, staff, or other associated authorities which may result in the use of our company’s site or the data you receive especially when the probability such harms is already described. 

We do not take the responsibility of any harm or misfortune that reaches to our clients due to their own misunderstanding or carelessness. The uniquecustomboxes.com reserves the right to make amendments in the policies without sending notice to the visitors and clients. 

Return and Refund Policy:

The clients recommend that if they find any error or mistake in the printing of their products packaging, or the printing isnt up to their specifications, inform the company within three working days after the delivery of the order. In case we find that flaw actually exists in the printing, we will reproduce the packaging but won’t refund the amount. The management of our company takes responsibility for the defect that is left during the checking procedure. Meanwhile, it is also the responsibility of clients to send us computerized photographs of the faulty packaging items so we can facilitate you within the seven printing days by reprinting the faulty products. Besides this, the urgent orders are charges a bit high and these are not refundable. 

Payment Order Placement and Cancellations:

We charge USD dollars for our services and products and the clients also have to pay in the same currency. We process your orders after receiving the full payment including taxes and shipping charges. We receive payments through authorized and reliable payment modes like PayPal and bank. The unauthorized mode of payment is not accepted here.

We send your printing requirements to the printing office once you finalize the whole design and printing details. Once we send the undertaking to the printing department of the company, we do not accept any changes regarding the design and delivery date. Meanwhile, you can cancel the order after four hours of approval or within the time limit mentioned in the proposal. Note down that we charge $25 and 5% of the total amount upon the cancellation of the order. However, we facilitate our clients to precede the cancellation within 24 hours limit but you will have to pay 50% of the total bill and the resources company utilize while completing the initial stages of the product. But we uniquecustomboxes.com doesn’t guarantee the cancellation of order within the limit of twenty-four hours. 

Design Orders:

We do not refund for the designing orders and the whole amount wont be refunded. More on, we do not accept the cancellation requests for designing orders even an hour after the approval. 

Sales Tax Policy:

The clients are recommended to pay the sales tax as if they are from the state of New Jersey. However, the clients who are exempted from the sales tax will have to show the exemption certificate to the company. 

Customers Submitted Artwork/Files:

The designers at unqiquecustomboxes.com utilize the artwork samples sent by the clients for crafting new and unique designs from that artwork. So, we suggest you send the files of artwork in 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) with the latest form and CMYK format. However, if you send the files other than the mentioned format, we will not take the responsibility of exaggerated designs, blurred images or designs that you feel slightly different from the artwork you choose to send. 

The clients will have to take the responsibility of the printed work that has a different sequence of the order or that doesn seem similar to what they have anticipated. The firm’s staff takes the necessary precautions to send the orders with perfection, as we do not intend to lose our customers however we still do not take the responsibility for the loss of printed orders. More on, we require proof that the artwork or other designs you send to us fall under your own property by law. 

The firm holds the authority to cancel a request or order that seems unlawful, inappropriate, misleading, copied, or disgraceful to the rights of third parties. The clients will need to take the oath for the directions they send to the company for final printing and designs. Uniquecustomboxes.com secures the right to cancel any order without explaining the reason. More on, it is vital to note down that the firm doesn’t publish, design or print that seems indecent, offensive or abusive. 

Proofs and Color Accuracy:

The order placement has a certain procedure and clients will have to fulfill that. The company accepts orders that are sent in a final form through electronic or printed vision. The printing requirements are further forwarded to the printing department for the completion of necessary steps and it is the responsibility of clients to update or analyze the verification because we do not wait or keep waiting for contradicted proofs that can cause unnecessary delay regarding the completion of the project. More on, keep in mind that the turnaround time mentioned in the quotation or proposal becomes effective once we receive the final proof of agreement. 

Make sure that you have a birds eye view of the proof before signing it. We suggest you carefully read the document for any mistakes or errors of punctuation, duplication, design, font, text alignment, or photo position. Transparency is not considered in the case of confirmations in the form of electronic structures. The color printing or overprinting problems are improved through Pantone to CMYK or RG. We do not take the responsibility of printing for the items that are sent in the form of laminations. 

The client is completely in charge of all that is contained in the final approved proof:

The client is fully in charge of the proof document that is signed by them.

We do not ensure the color exactness because our designers create the colors from the artwork that is submitted by the side of clients. So, the color can show slight or minor similarity to the inherent constraints due to the adjoining picture ink needs. So, due to certain technical reasons, we do not ensure or guarantee the color exactness. More on, when you send a request to uniquecustomboxes.com, you should make sure the downside of the framework.

However, at our company, we encourage our staff persons and printing experts to strive for the exact color that is demanded by clients or the nearest color however we still do not take the charge of any sort of color changes that can occur due to certain valid reasons. Besides this, we are not responsible for ink, thickness, color, or the requirements you endorse. Though we ensure the accuracy regarding color and we coordinate for arranging the hard proof. However, you should mark down that printed copy proof could cost you high. 


No Liability for Errors:

We, at uniquecustomboxes.com, wont be responsible for the errors that may occur in the form of:

  • Spelling, font, and grammar errors
  • Permeating imprints, punctuation, and graphic errors because these things are exactly pasted as sent by the side of clients
  • Cracks in the folds die lines, editing marks, and wrong text style
  • Mistakes regarding overprinting
  • Small differences in the final product size 

Note that we ship all packaging material pre-assembled and flat.

Gang printing:

We guarantee that we do not utilize the combined or gang printing method for most of our printing items. Meanwhile, we like to mention that the printing necessities of the company vary as per the requirements of clients so we hold the right to use any printing technology that seems suitable to us. 

Overruns and Underruns:

We tend to convey the accurate and appropriate measure of items that are requested along with the additional amount. We convey the additional item for free. We hold the right to reduce the items in the case of the occurrence of fewer items. More on, we follow a general rule of sending or shipping 5% extra or fewer items that are requested by the side of clients. 

Production Speed, Shipping, and delivery of Orders!

The printing turnaround time begins when clients pay the total amount to the company and impart the files of artwork in electronic or hard form along with the settlement of agreed content that is audited by the printing department of our company. The production speed also depends on the above-mentioned details.

However, while choosing our services or placing an order through our site, you can choose the production speed out of the given options and the number of working days for the printing parcels to be shipped. Perhaps, the clients will have to follow the timeline of standard Eastern Time (EST), as the verification of agreement should be sent to the company before 10:00 am. However, we, at uniquecustomboxes.com strive our best to deliver the customized boxes on the decided time by using the most reliable means of transportation. Meanwhile, the clients should admit or acknowledge that the firm will not be responsible for any delay that may cause uncontrollable issues, weather changes, or natural disasters. More on, if we find an error that is caused due to our printing procedure, the charges can be refunded in this case as we do not intend to delay any order or error from our side at any stage. 


We, at unqiuecustomboxes.com, charge a complete amount for the services related to custom obligations and the extra shipping fee for the orders being delivered to the particular areas. However, the clients will be responsible for clearing the custom duties for the orders that are being delivered other than the USA. The firm is entitled to ship the order within 10 to 12 working days and for fast delivery, 6 to 8 days are required for the areas that are located in the USA. The orders with zero weight and amount constraints are being delivered more easily. The firm will not take the responsibility of harm, damage, loss, and amendment in the delivery transportation timings during the shipment. More on, you can report the shipping incident within 6 working days after the order is being shipped and if it happens due to the mistake by the side of the client while recording the delivery address, the company will charge an additional shipping fee for the amended address.

Terms and Conditions for Changes to our Website:

Uniquecustomboxes.com owns the rights for the change in any segment of the terms and conditions without notifying site visitors, existing clients, previous clients, or the new ones. The changes made in our terms and conditions are applicable right from the time when they are displayed on the site. More on, if you continue availing our services after the changes, it is considered that you acknowledge the new terms and conditions. 

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