Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Unique Custom Boxes is dedicated to its clients and care about the privacy and security of the customers during online services experiences. All the website visitors and clients are requested to carefully read the terms and conditions and privacy options before submitting any kind of information to the website. Make sure you only place an order after reading the terms and conditions applied and the privacy policy at our official website. We assure you that the personal information of our clients is limited only to the website and not exposed. The information is only used to make one step towards the betterment of our customer services.

Online data collection:

We ask for some information from our users during their online experience and or further future use for their orders. The information collection section offers a data collection offer for the clients as well as the visitors. Even the emails of the users are not required at this step but some visitors voluntarily submit their information like their name, email address, contact and many other personal as well as business information. Such information is appreciated and kept under the usage of our website and not exposed to any third party except for the bank and shipping companies. The website is obliged to provide the information of clients under judicial purposes. Otherwise, your emails are used by the website for promotional purposes in marketing strategies. You can mute or unsubscribe if you don’t want to get additional pop up notifications of updates.


Safety and reliability:

All the data that the visitors and clients submit to our website is secured via encryption. This keeps the customer's personal and business data and details highly protected from any unlicensed access. The privacy concerns of our users are our priority apart from the services. To acknowledge that only the data that is provided on the website is catered and secured, not the data provided to any third party.

Exchange of information under conditions:

The company may undergo some sort of transition in business like a partnership, in such cases, the submitted information of the users could be shared with the other source. The clients can remove or edit their information any time on the website and take control of the purposes for which the website could use their information.

Good online experience:

The visitors and clients are advised to use cookies for a smooth online experience on our website. Cookies store website information to your device. You can enable and disable the cookies option any time you want.

External links:

Unique Custom Boxes website contains many additional and external links. Many links are to other websites. As stated above, we only guarantee the privacy of the information of our website, so make sure you read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the other linked sites before sharing any sort of information. We are not responsible for any kind of mishap. Stay safe with your information and online privacy.

Contact us:

If you are our customer or just a visitor, you can always contact us simply via our official email any kind of query regarding services or any other privacy or security concern is openly appreciated. All your queries can also be catered if you call us at our official contact number 1201-458-7111. The company can consider significant changes in the privacy policy. Any change is notified via email to our clients and visitors. You are requested to pay heed to these important emails.

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