1.Tell about the standard lead-time of your company.

Approximately 8 to 10 business days are required for the printing and shipment after seeking approval. We share the final specification sheet before sending the mentioned job to the production department. 

2.Do you cater to urgent Orders? 

Yes, we do cater to urgent orders. You will be able to receive boxes within 4 to 6 business days through our rush service. However, we charge a 15% extra on the amount of actual order. 

3.Would I be able to get the Boxes with my Own Artwork? 

Yes, Of course, we do the printing according to the customization requirements of clients. You’ll need to send us the artwork and we will show you the digital mock-up with absolute accuracy. 

4.Do you have a supportive design team? Will it assist me in the editing of my artwork before printing?

Yes, we do facilitate our clients by providing FREE support on design work so editing of your artwork won’t be an issue. 

5.What if I do not have my own artwork? Will your team design it from scratch as per my requirements? 

Of course, we do facilitate our clients by creating exclusive artwork from scratch. However, we do require your logo, color scheme, and text details for customized printing. 

6.Can you please elaborate on the printing method that UCB relies on? 

We rely on the offset printing method because it has several advantages. Our printing approach ensures accuracy to the best extent, as offset printing is known for quality. 

7.Can I get the Shipment in Canada?

UCB offers FREE shipment throughout the USA and Canada. 

8.Identify the Payment Methods you accept for the delivery of orders. 

UCB accepts payments through all reliable means/sources/mediums including Amex, Visa, Master, Paypal, Check, and Discover. 

9.Do you have a discount or wholesale price policy? 

Yes, we facilitate the whole sellers with discounted packages and the clients who repeatedly choose us also enjoy our discount offer. 

10.What format do you accept for the printing of artwork? 

We do accept all types of editable formats including EPS, AI, PDF, PSD, and CDR with at least 300 dots per inch (DPI) for accurate customized printing. 

11.Kindly tell me about the Material you use for producing the boxes?

Although it depends on the requirements of clients and the properties of products, however, we use guaranteed superior quality base material with variable thickness levels of Kraft and white cardboard starting from 12pt to 30pt Here, the durability of the material is guaranteed. 

12.Will you please explain the difference between Kraft and corrugated stock? 

We produce the shipping boxes with corrugated stock that looks fashionable. It is similar to the material of pizza boxes. However, Kraft is basically a recycled brown material that can be folded easily and has a thickness from 12pt to 24pt.  

13.Are we allowed having a look at sample boxes before placing a large order? 

For routine orders, we usually unveil the digital mock-up with a 3D or flat view to our clients for making them aware of how the boxes look like after being assembled. However, for large orders, we usually send the physical sample of our boxes so you can double-check the quality and printing style. 

14.Can I ask for the change in the order that I already have placed? 

Yes, we allow you to ask for the modification by contacting the same assistant who assisted you regarding the booking of the order. 

15.Do you ship the order at various locations? 

Of course, we do accommodate our clients by shipping the orders at different places and it can be partially at one place half at other. 

16.Explain the procedure of placing an order. 

We have a team of professional agents who assist our clients from the first step of booking an order to the last one. 

  • You’ll need to send or submit a quote request through the website.
  • The artwork should be sent by email. 
  • Approve the digital mock-up we send to you. 
  • After you get the order secured, we send the job details to the production department.

17.Would I be able to track my order?

Of course, you can track the order by asking the concerned agent to assist you regarding the status of the order. 

18.Am I allowed canceling the order?

If you find a mere need of canceling the order, you’ll need to email us as fast as possible. The time limit of cancellation is mentioned in our terms & conditions page. Try not to confirm the verification if you have a plan to cancel the order. However, once the verification is confirmed, we usually send the job to production so further changes or cancellation requests won’t be accommodated. 

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