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Unique custom boxes delivery

Unique Custom Boxes services begin only after you agree to all our terms and conditions and satisfy the payments of your placed order to the company. It is mandatory to be acknowledged by the clients that the complete payment of the order is required to be done when you get your order approved. The online placement of orders is facilitated by the option of production speed that the clients can adjust according to their needs that determine the number of days that the company may require through the whole process, from printing to shipping. The services begin after you undergo all these steps of payment, production speed and imparting the order to the company for services. To be noted that no changes will be made once you get the final approval of your order. The company will not be responsible for any mistake in order placement by the client. The policy of the company is very strict in order placement and delivery.

Unique Custom Boxes assures 100% satisfaction of the services provided under the company. Our company workers are proficient in packaging and boxing all kinds of products; from wooden frame structures to delicate glass products, with extreme caution and care. Unique Custom Boxes is not responsible for any delay in shipping due to customs issues or weather conditions, as these are not under the control of company services. So, no refunds will be made in this regard. However, if there is any trouble in the services provided by the company; like any damage or delay in packaging or printing, the Unique Custom Boxes is here for customer satisfaction as we always appreciate the criticism. In case, the company will make significantly required compensation or simply refund the charges.

Shipping information:

Unique Custom Boxes provides two types of shipping according to the custom demands; the regular shipping that is the normal shipping service provided by the company and the urgent shipping mostly opted as per requirements of the clients.

Regular shipping:

After you get your order approved, the company will deliver the order within a maximum of 9-10 working days

Urgent shipping:

After you get your order approved, the company will deliver the order within a maximum of 3-5 working days (under the respective charges). You can contact our website for any further queries and details.

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