CThe Undeniable Benefits of Natural Soaps

Soaps are one of the most demanding beauty products. The use of soaps is not limited to domestic chores but also in hotels, restaurants, and many other establishments. A soap is the chemical compound that is obtained when a fatty acid is reacted with an alkali such as sodium hydroxide (NaOH). It is basically a salt obtained from fats, which is soluble in water.


The manufacturing method is through saponification, which is the synthesis from the chemical reaction of oils or fats in an alkaline medium, which may well be sodium hydroxide. Saponification, also known as an ester hydrolysis in a basic medium, is a chemical process by which a fatty body, together with a base and water, produces soap and glycerin. After the manufacturing process, the prepared soaps are packed withing soap boxes of premium quality. These boxes for soaps play a vital role in protecting the soaps from damages.

What are Natural Soaps?

Handmade soaps are natural, 100% vegetable and can be made with a multitude of oils such as rosehip, olive or coconut, among others. But it is also very common to find soaps with calendula, shea butter and aloe vera, which provide long-lasting hydration and nutrition for skin care.



And it is that natural cosmetics are very fashionable lately due to its multiple benefits and applications, not only in the world of cosmetics but also in food and fashion. Handmade and natural soaps are mild and do not contain additional chemicals, so they do not produce skin reactions, being ideal for daily hygiene and recommended for skin with atopic problems such as atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, etc. and to nourish and hydrate normal skin.


The ingredients of these soaps are mentioned on the custom soap boxes used to pack them. These boxes tell the customers about the composition of the soaps.

Importance of Homemade Soaps

Importance of using a good homemade skin softening soap cannot be denied. Sometimes we use products for our hygiene that are not the most suitable for the care of our skin. It is not just about keeping our body clean, we must use products that keep our skin with a correct degree of hydration and that do not suppose an aggression. For this, we must give the products we use the importance they deserve and for daily hygiene we must use a good softening soap that will cleanse our skin, keeping it soft and hydrated.



Of course, we can find softening soaps on the market but we can also prepare a good softening soap at home and take advantage of the many benefits of homemade softening soap. These homemade soaps are sold by many retailers as they have a really high demand. There are numerous ways through which the retailers promote these handmade soaps in the market such as through wholesale soap packaging boxes.

Benefits and Properties of Natural Soaps

If you want to enjoy natural soaps, you surely need to know what their benefits are:


  • Natural soaps are made in such a way that it maintains all the glycerin that is very beneficial for the skin, especially dry and sensitive skin.

  • They do not contain artificial fragrances or chemicals typical of industrial soaps to achieve more lather, which can irritate the skin.

  • If we make our own soap, we can use the ingredients and oils that best suit our skin type, thus preventing skin diseases.

  • The essential oils used contain multitudes of therapeutic properties.

  • The use of natural raw materials such as vegetable oils and aromatic herbs provides that Bio touch that we are looking for today.

  • By not containing petroleum derivatives, we avoid environmental contamination.

The Best Natural Soaps

Neem Soap

Environmental pollution, stress and free radicals that surround us damage our skin and progressively disfigure its appearance. However, the natural properties of neem soap   become a magnificent antidote and a brake to these threatening skin disorders.



Its daily use allows us to alleviate problems such as redness, pimples and impurities. Consequently, it provides a constant purifying and healing action. It is, in short, an active and effective shock plan, but also a preventive one, that skins affected or prone to psoriasis, dermatitis, fungal infection and eczema are very grateful, in a visible way. If we want to recover our skin naturally, the action of vitamin E and fatty acids in this product is highly effective.

Chamomile and Goat Milk Soap

The fourth and last reference that we include in this selection is also a top item for revitalizing skin regeneration. The soap chamomile and goat milk are an article with a great calming and healing power against skin irritations.



If we want to hydrate, protect and nourish our skin, especially if we have it punished, the combination of goat's milk and chamomile acts quickly. Custom soap packaging boxes play an important role in presenting them in the market.


It is a very delicate soap, with subtle effects so effective that it is perfectly suitable for the most delicate skins, including those of babies. If we treasure a high sensitivity and atopic characteristics, the need for skin nutrition, inflammations and dryness, the prolonged use of this handmade product offers us undeniable benefits.

Carrot and Lavender Soap


The soap and lavender carrot is a product that combines natural ingredients suggestive, authentic touch brings health and wellness, especially the most sensitive and oily skin. This product demonstrates that the benefits of handmade soaps are capable of fighting bacteria and infections, improving skin health, preventing inflammation and redness, and providing vitality to even the most damaged skin. Its use is especially recommended for the most significant areas of your skin:  the face, neck and body.


When we need special protection for day-to-day life, capable of curbing skin problems and alleviating their consequences in a progressive and natural way, this artisan soap is absolutely incomparable.