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The Importance of Celebrating Events in The Office

Celebrating important dates in the workplace brings benefits both for employees and for the company itself. In the case of birthdays, by keeping track of the dates of birth of each collaborator, colleague, or entrepreneur and allowing them to celebrate with a cake inside the workplace, you will show that you care about them, about what they will feel recognized and valued. The company will increase the morale and motivation of team members, directly impacting their levels of job satisfaction and commitment and productivity.

Quality Teamwork and Relationship

By celebrating events within the offices will encourage Building quality relationships that are characterized by trust, the pride of belonging, and companionship. These are the keys to the motivation and commitment of employees, beyond the traditional idea that benefits, programs, or good practices are the main factors of success. It is believed that celebrations are an important component for generating a sense of camaraderie and trust within organizations by generating a sense of team and collaboration, which has a positive impact on the remuneration of employees towards the company.

This is why on the last Friday of the month, many organizations celebrate Happy Friday! Or also special celebrations such as Valentine's Day, Independence Day, Halloween, and Christmas depending on the date, this provides us with a moment of disconnection and a pause to rest from the monotony of the working day. This opportunity helps all of our entrepreneurs recharge so that they feel more focused and better prepared to tackle new projects and tasks when work is resumed.

Factors To Encourage Celebrations Within The Workspace

  • Clearly define the purpose or occasion of the celebration

  • May the celebration be dynamic and original?

  • Involve all staff in planning, organizing, and executing

  • Innovate and maintain a surprise initiative

  • Take care of the details

  • Have a planned budget (you don't have to spend a lot of money).

  • Maintain a history of celebrations, both as an internal reminder and as a guide for improvement.

  • Have the logistics aspects planned and controlled, defining whether there will be food, drinks, or music?

  • Define a time of celebration

  • Make good prior communication with all invited collaborators

Importance of Celebrating Christmas in The Office

Now, Christmas is one of the most important dates that companies should take advantage of to strengthen their emotional ties with employees. Many of the offices ensure that after the Christmas holidays; the office must be surrounded by different kinds of Christmas boxes which will allow the employees to celebrate Christmas with their employees as well. It will not make them feel bore after the Christmas holidays when they get to see a good environment in the office.


Lean on these dates to strengthen the corporate values ​​of the company, because it opens the possibility of putting into practice actions that unite the staff in emotional terms, such as camaraderie, companionship, participation, and loyalty. It can also be used on the occasion of the date, to share a final balance of the company, and communicate the goals of the next year, requesting the commitment of all to achieve the objectives set. Although the moment should be perceived as a space for recreation among workers, so labor issues should not be discussed extensively.

We must reaffirm and generate internal ties that are translated into greater productivity and commitment. In turn, the proximity of these festivities to the end of the year, allows us to value and celebrate the team's achievements.