Regular Slotted Container- The Most Common Style of Shirt Boxes

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Date: 2021-07-08 02:30:07

Premium shirt boxes are a better packaging solution. These luxury boxes are preferred over plastic and other conventional packaging methods. This is because these premium wholesale boxes can be customized to your will and can be used for several different purposes.

Their uses include the protection of shirts during shipping and transportation, and these boxes protect shirts from dust, moisture and other hazards. Moreover, you can print desired images, artwork, logos etc., on bulk orders for printed shirt boxes.

Since shirts are luxury items and are an essential part of our everyday outfits, we need to package them securely and formally present them. This also helps to make your brand different from the rest and keep them in demand.

Common Uses of Customized Shirt Packaging Boxes

As we have mentioned earlier, these premium shirt packaging boxes are not only used for packing your shirts. They serve a variety of purposes since they are made with the latest techniques and technologies. Let's have a look at the advantages of showcasing your ties in that these alluring boxes.

Shirt Packaging Boxes in Retail Business

Shirt boxes are a necessity for brands and other apparel retailers. Since clothes are delicate items, they tend to get damaged easily, so brands need to develop packaging solutions that make their products easily manageable while also keeping them secure. This is important since damaged products are not bought and results in a loss for the brand.


To prevent this from happening, brands go for appropriate packaging. Moreover, these premium shirt packaging boxes help you to make a better impression and develop a better brand image. Thus, tie boxes in elegant style and shapes are a win in for both the brands and the customers.

Additionally, these wholesale boxes are usually made from greener and eco-friendly materials, which helps your brand contribute towards a safer and sustainable future. This is another reason why these special boxes are used since they enable the brand to fulfil their requirements while also making it easy on the environment.

Common Styles of Shirt Packaging Boxes

If you are a clothing brand by any chance, then there is a possibility that you might be looking for unique and distinct ways to be different from your competition and stand out from the rest of the market. Also, since shirts are luxury items, then you opt for customized shirt packaging boxes. Although these boxes can be made in different shapes and unique designs, some standard sizes, shapes and designs like round, cone, rectangular are most widely used and preferred.


The most popular shape is regular slotted shirt packaging boxes. These boxes are made from durable, sturdy materials and have many packaging space and customization options available. You must know that the term 'regular slotted' is a very generic term, and there are many customizations available in them.


These boxes can be made in different styles, and here is a list of common box styles that users prefer:


  • Magnetic Closure Shirt Packaging Boxes

  • Shouldered Flip Top Shirt Packaging Boxes

  • Drawer Style Shirt Packaging Boxes


Now, let us have a brief review of the styles mentioned above for luxury tie boxes.

Magnetic Closure Shirt Packaging Boxes

This type of shirt packaging is usually made from rigid cardboard or some other durable material, which is wrapped in any of the following premium clothe\s, to give it a luxury feel; following are the wrapping cloth options:


  • Lines

  • Suede

  • Silk

However, what makes this style so popular is that these boxes are fitted with hidden magnets and a metal plate, which are sewed inside the boxes to make the boxes more secure and keep them safe when closed. Moreover, the outside of the box can be customized and printed with your brand's unique design and personalized prints to make them distinct and related to the brand.

Shouldered Flip Top Shirt Packaging Boxes

This is perhaps the most common style of shirt packaging since it does not use conventional drawers or hidden magnets to close the box. Instead, a new design was introduced, which is why the string is attached to the container and the lid, which keeps them from falling apart, and this is why the string is called shoulder since it works as a support for the box.


This style of box is specifically made to be displayed and to be used to showcase the shirts. This style is ideal for that purpose since these luxury boxes are significant and can be partitioned to fit a whole shirt set in them, including the shirt, tie or other accessories such as cufflinks.

Drawer Style Shirt Packaging Boxes

For these particular boxes, the idea behind them was to make these shirt packaging boxes in the form of a holder and drawer, which it slides in. this structure is preferred as it is more secure and keeps the product safe, as it is more durable and can hold its shape under pressure. Moreover, it provides a lot of storage space, making it easier to package shorts without folding them many times. However, there is a drawback: these boxes cannot be divided into partitions and only have a single big container. However, you can use customized inners to make your partitions.


We assume now you have a basic knowledge about the popular shirt packaging styles. Moreover, you can get these printed with your brand details and other specifications to make them relevant to your brand and make the products related to your brand's theme. They can be used on occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and weddings to express your fondness and love to the recipients.

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