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Advantages of Using Natural Soaps

Maybe you keep that image of your childhood in your retina, that of your mother or your grandmother carefully making bars of soap with used oil, soda, and blue. This paste was stirred for several days, allowed to rest until thick, and finally cut into rectangular pieces. It was homemade soap, natural, and the smell of clean skin or freshly washed clothes lying in the sun was unmistakable.


The essence of homemade soap is always retained. That is why we manufacture our soaps in an artisanal way. With vegetable ingredients suitable for oily, sensitive, and atopic skin for intimate hygiene, we show you the advantages of using natural soaps. At that time, maybe those soaps weren't enclosed within beautiful eco-friendly soap boxes, but now many cosmetic and beauty brands are manufacturing and selling these natural soaps. They are one of the most in-demand beauty items with millions of users around the world.

What is Natural soap, and What is Their Importance?

Soap is, in chemical terms, a sodium or potassium salt resulting from the reaction between a base (sodium or potassium hydroxide) and lipid (oil or fat); the reaction is known as saponification. It can have different viscosities, although soap is traditionally a solid material or product. The lipid used can be of animal origins, such as lard, or vegetable origins, such as olive or coconut oil. Natural soaps or organic are manufactured only with and raw materials ingredients natural, substances without chemical synthesis; we will tell you more in the next section.



Due to their detersive properties (dissolves dirt and impurities), soaps have been used for thousands of years for personal hygiene and washing clothes or other items. In this article, we told you the curious story of the discovery of soap. They are manufactured at a mass level due to their ever-increasing demand. That is why companies order bulk soap boxes to pack and dispatch them.

Four Advantages of Using Natural Soaps

Here are four advantages of using a natural soap for your body hygiene:

Natural Ingredients

Natural soaps contain raw materials of vegetable origin, not genetically modified, and virgin oils not rectified. They do not include synthetic preservatives, colorants, silicones, paraffin, mineral oils, ethoxylated ingredients, talc, mercury or aluminum, synthetic antioxidants, polyethylene glycols, or ethanolamines.

Vegetable soap base palm oil from sustainable crops and coconut, water, vegetable glycerin - increases detergency while smoothing and softening the skin -, salt and sodium diacetate-glutamate. Likewise, our natural soap contains propolis tincture, virgin arbequina olive and sweet almond oils, and lavender essential oil. All of the natural ingredients, not tested on animals. The wholesale eco friendly soap packaging boxes have all the information about them.



There is something unique about our natural soap. The soaps are the sodium or potassium salt of fat. Thus, olive oil soap is a salt of olive fats. In our case, the salt is from the palm (sustainable crops) and coconut. Once the soap is made, we add the oils to make it moisturizing; the almond and olive oil are therefore in fat form, not salt.

Eliminates Excessive Fat

Oily skins produce more sebum than necessary and, as a consequence, present shine and impurities. This type of skin - and normal skin with an oily tendency - significantly benefit from the use of natural soaps, without controversial chemical agents that can aggravate the problem of excess sebum.

When you have acne, washing with a natural soap in a bar is more convenient than liquid soap (gel). Due to the type of molecules that soap particles makeup, the bars help to remove grease. The skin is clean and ready to, if necessary, apply the facial cream.

For "Special" Skins

The soaps, natural and organic, are suitable for skin disorders and require special care. The Propolis present in natural soap has antiseptic, healing, and regenerating properties, which are very beneficial in these cases. In addition to oily and acne-prone skin, we refer to:


  • Sensitive skin: skin susceptible to environmental factors, to which they react with dryness, redness, irritation, and itching.

  • Dermatitis, or inflammation of the skin, such as atopic dermatitis.

  • Psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin.

  • Eczema, or inflammatory lesions; the natural soap Propolis reduces itching.

Also, for Intimate Hygiene

Natural soaps like ours are created for the hygiene of the whole body, including intimate hygiene. They have a neutral pH, which is indicated for the most delicate areas of the body.


To the usual soaps or gels on the market, certain chemical ingredients are usually added to achieve the desired pH or to produce more foam - the foam conveys the sensation of detergency, of washing more. These substances can irritate the skin. In our case, to obtain an optimal pH, we use natural ingredients such as citric acid.


The natural organic propolis soap moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates, and is antiseptic. A soap made by hand with 100% natural ingredients - 98% certified organic -, suitable for all skin types and the whole family, adults, and children. Thanks to the pure essential oil that we use in its formulation that of lavender, natural soap also has a specific psychic property: it calms the mind. After cleaning the skin, apply the facial Regenerating Cream propolis. Also suitable for all skin types, our natural facial cream reduces wrinkles and blemishes thanks to rosehip action.


So, never delay getting these natural soap from your favorite beauty shop. They are packed in soap boxes wholesale customized with company information so that you can get all the information about the brand. After having an in-depth idea about natural soaps, you must not skip getting them eco friendly soap boxes wholesale.