We have previously mentioned how important cardboard has become for all types of companies and regardless of their line of business. This is due to the fact that not only cardboard boxes are manufactured from this material but also displays that allow the products to be displayed in as many points as possible and thus be able to bring the brand closer to as many buyers as possible.

We also know that cardboard boxes are manufactured for all the uses that you can imagine and for any type of product so that each one represents the brand in increasingly ingenious ways. However, today we do not come to talk about these common uses of cardboard but about others that you may not know or of which you may have only ever heard of.

To begin we must mention that it is perfect for packing all kinds of food, from sounds to liquids due to its innate resistance and that makes it necessary to carry liquids such as milk, juices, and others so that you can experiment with the shape of the container to adapt it to the needs of the brand.

Highly resistant packaging

Notice a word that we use: “Resistance” this characteristic of cardboard allows it to be used to reinforce boxes made of this same material when it will carry something quite heavy inside. We are referring precisely to the reinforcements that are placed in the corners of the box, either on the outside or inside so that it can be guaranteed that it will not have any structural damage related to the weight of the object it protects.

Use as Invitation

Cardboard material has endless advantages and uses. One of them is in invitation card envelopes. You can easily contact any renowned packaging company to avail of these ideal packaging boxes. And in this same aspect, we can talk about another use of cardboard and this is as dividers inside boxes, we must remember that it is not possible to make a box exactly tailored to what you want to transport, it would also be too high a cost.

Safe Packaging

For this reason, several objects must be packed in the same box and to avoid that they hit and damage each other, it is necessary to make cardboard dividers, first because due to their resistance it has been shown that they can protect anything and due to their low cost, be the ideal choice.

Use in Restaurants

You will also have seen that cardboard is the ideal material to serve as food in fast-food restaurants: French fries, pizza, among others, are the foods that have made cardboard the perfect option. This is because, due to their absorbent capacities, they allow to eliminate excess fat from food while they can be recycled and used for other purposes (yes, boxes for example).

Due to its versatility, cardboard is also used to make board games because its resistance and ability to absorb the inks that are printed on them allow them to be used for this purpose. And not only the board, the pieces are also made of this incredible material.

It is also used to make dioramas (scenarios to show mainly action or collectible figures) because they are low cost and can be cut to give them the use that is required.

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