Technology is advancing day by day but if we observe, there are some tech giants in the world that are consistent in their popularity and have been leading the world since their advent. The world would never have been to this stage where everyone gets to enjoy exceptional technology without the presence of these brands. The most valuable brands in the world are the global corporate giants, they generate billions in annual profits and have an enormous influence on public opinion.

1. Apple

The company continues to be the favourite, the best player in the techie scene. Not only is it the world’s largest technology company, it is also the eighth globally on the Global 2000 list. Founded in 1976, in the United States, by Steve Jobs (co-founder: Steve Wozniak), it has 123,000 employees worldwide. Apple is headquartered in Cupertino (California), where Apple Park is located, a circular construction designed by Steve Jobs together with the architect Norman Foster.


It ranks first due to the following numbers:

Sales: USD 247.5 billion.

Earnings: USD 53.3 billion.

Assets: USD 367.5 billion.

Market value: USD 926.9 billion.

2. Samsung

Originally from South Korea, it was founded in 1969 and its headquarters are located in Suwon. Its CEO is Hyun-Suk Kim and it has 93,200 employees worldwide. The company ranks 14th in the Forbes Global 2000 world rankings.



Sales: USD 224.6 billion.

Earnings: USD 41 billion.

Assets: USD 293.1 billion.

Market value: $ 325.9 billion

3. Microsoft

Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, today the United States Company, headquartered in Redmond (Washington) has 124,000 employees. It is ranked 20th in the Forbes Global 2000 world rankings. Its CEO is Satya Nadella, who has worked at Microsoft since 1992.


Their numbers:

Sales: USD 103.3 billion

Earnings: USD 14.2 billion

Assets: USD 245.5 billion

Market value: USD 750.6 billion

4. Alphabet

Its headquarters are in Mountain View California, it was founded in 2015 by its CEO, Lawrence Page, together with Sergey Brin. It has 80,110 employees. It is a holding company, that is, it is dedicated to the business of acquiring and operating different companies. It operates through Google businesses, for example, and covers other segments such as Access or Google Fiber, Calico, Nest and Verily, among others.


It is on 4th because of the numbers:

Sales: USD 117.9 billion

Earnings: $ 16.6 billion

Assets: USD 206.9 billion

Market value: USD 766.3 billion

5. Intel

Founded in 1968, with headquarters in Santa Clara, California, it has 102,700 employees. Brian Krzanich was the CEO of the company, but he resigned last month. In his place, the company’s CFO, Robert Swan, took over on a temporary basis.


Their numbers:

Sales: USD 64 billion

Earnings: $ 11.1 billion

Assets: $ 128.6 billion

Value market: USD 254.8 billion

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