You may enhance your sale through marketing to focus on the people purchasing needs. Also, you can build satisfaction by selling and groom your brand name and it’s custom boxes and packaging.

Being a retailer, you might be aware of the fact that sales always slump at some point. The fluctuation in the sales can be due to various reasons such as a delcine in the on foot customers or the forces that are beyond your control such as change in the season. Here are a few marketing tips for you that can be implimented to enhance sales.

Design packaging with an attractive design and good functionality

When it comes to marketing, it is undoubtedly one of the most important elements that companies have. Taking into account that most people make the decision at the point of sale and that there are many options that exist in each category, the packaging design of custom boxes should not only look good from an aesthetic point of view, it is also important that it differentiates to some extent from the rest making it truly useful and functional, but also at the same time making it communicate the values and the essence of the brand in a creative way. That is why, packaging plays a vital role in attracting new and potential customers. The more attractive is the design of packaging, the greater will be the chance that customers will purchase that very product.

Ask people for feedback

Instead of asking shoppers about their email to send them promotions and discounts all the time (which are no surprise anymore), create a newsletter that actually provides useful information on tips, recommendations, or trends in your industry and asks them the buyer if they would be interested in receiving this type of information. But prior to that, you have to gain the attention of your customers. It can be done through numerous ways such as offering a unique product packed in a distinctive packaging. In addition to that, custom printed boxes can be used to provide the customers with all the product related information. In this way, you will have greater chances that people choose to be part of your contact list than if you only ask for their email to send them commercial information. First, you have to attract their attention through a sumptuous presentation and then ask for feedback.

Create a document with valuable information


For useful information, you may consider creating a document to deliver to your best customers who talk about topics of interest in the industry and focuses primarily on providing value rather than selling. At the end of the document, you can include your company logo and invite these people to subscribe to your newsletter in order to continue providing them with interesting information.

Similarly, for this initiative to be equally useful for both the company and the customer, it is necessary that the document be created as if it had been a joint effort between both parties. Thus, once you agree on a strategy of this type with one or more distributors, include their logo and contact information at the end of the document.

Create mechanisms to bring the customer back


For example, with the justification of having made your first purchase at one point, a brand could offer a percentage discount on your next purchase by giving a coupon, or in the case of a restaurant, offer free dessert at a dinner for two in the next visit that the client makes. Obviously when it comes to making the customer return the electronic newsletter is also part of this strategy along with social networks, so it is important to publicize the company’s profiles on the packaging and cards that are delivered to customers.

Create combos or packages


Creating combos or packages is a useful way of doing marketing at the point of sale as they make it easier for people to make a decision, save time, and increase the average transaction. Additionally, it is a good way to cross-sell with which you can take advantage of to offer complementary products or accessories.


Regarding this concept, something that should always be considered is offering the customer at the time of purchase other complementary products or services in order to increase the average transaction and take advantage of impulse buying. In this article, you can see a great example of cross-selling in action.

Free samples in places where they are not used


Usually, free product samples (samples) are one of the favorite strategies used by food brands to get noticed. Although normally these tend to occur more in supermarkets, there is no reason why this type of activity cannot be carried out in other different establishments where the brand has a presence such as coffee shops or restaurants (in the latter case the sample could be delivered as part of an entry and promote with it some type of dish that uses the product as part of its preparation). The sample products displayed in custom boxes will definitely compel the customers.

Create creative or justified promotions

Although they are less and less surprising since they have become part of the landscape, under certain circumstances promotions can be attractive and still attract people’s attention. For example, a restaurant in Argentina created a way to give discounts to people who became its fans on Facebook or followers of its profile on Twitter. Once they did, they had to post a message alluding to the restaurant and thus they won a 10% discount. Similarly, a store in Miami created discounts for people who were not regular customers of the brand to generate traffic to the stores on days with little influx of people.


How to take advantage of the winter season to enhance sales?

The winter travel season is in full swing, and while this is clearly a boon for the hospitality and tourism industry, what about retail?


Retailers can also take advantage of all tourists spending during this time of year, so if your retail business is primarily online, or if you also have a physical store, there are several ways to take advantage of the travel season. Winter and all the potential customers that come with it. We’ve compiled the tactics that will help you get the most out of your winter spending and offer enthusiastic merchants some examples of successful retailers.

Understand your audience

Understanding your audience means figuring out how you can take advantage of the winter travel season to better serve your current customers, or attract new customers. Use this information about what works for your customers to create visual merchandising that captures the attention of passersby – the influx of both locals and tourists tends to increase during the warmer months. Some ideas you can copy include:


Outdoor sales: Place several displays, or tables with merchandise for sale, outside the facade of your physical store. Passersby will see some of your wonderful products and will be drawn to see what else is inside your store.

Seasonal product display: Optimize product display with seasonal items to drive purchases. Modernize key areas around checkout counters with items like lip balm/cocoa butter, sunscreen, moisturizer, hats, etc.

Update the decoration of the showcases: Use this key capital for sales and attract buyers to your store. Create a winter or travel-themed display case, or customize a visually appealing collection of top merchandise.

Take advantage of the climatic benefits of winter and move your store outdoors, using tables or display shelves where you can present your most popular items, or promote products that are for sale.

Update your shelves with products for the winter

You can even create seasonal or limited edition products to satisfy winter travelers and tourists. Something that we can recommend is to design a line of seasonal products (mugs, stationery, or articles related to your brand activity) to attract your buyers. The custom packaging boxes containing your products will definitely create a lasting impact on the customers.


If you want to create a buzz around your seasonal products, you can run a contest or giveaway asking your customers to submit designs that will later be printed on limited-edition merchandise. By presenting your loyal customers with the possibility of engagement, you keep them engaging with and engaged with your brand, while leveraging the collective contribution of ideas, as a source for the designs that customers really want. The custom boxes that you use for these products must have an influence

Provide a unique experience to your customers

In addition to proposing unique products to attract new customers during the winter, think about how you could create unique experiences and ways for them to interact with your brand once they are in your store. Remember that consumers will travel for the experience they can live and not for the product.


You can: create custom displays so potential customers can test your products; organize events with food or prizes where attendees have the opportunity to take a look at your merchandise; Or you could even consider launching a pop-up store in a new area frequented by winter tourists.

Online retailers can also use pop-up stores as a great strategy to take advantage of the winter season and the tourists that come with it. You can also make use of custom boxes wholesale to depict useful information as well as an unforgettable experience for the customers. People will be more interested in buying products that have a beautiful as well as an unmatched design.

Encourage customers to stay in your store

Once you’ve drawn passersby to your store, you’ll want them to linger in the aisles looking at your wares longer to increase the chances of making a sale.


Here is a list of tactics you can use to help customers stay longer, such as:

  •  Offer free Wi-Fi
  •  Install a juice bar/water dispenser with a bottle so that customers can cool off
  •  Play music at a pleasant volume. Don’t stun your customers with loud music because they will run away from your store
  •  Optimize the layout of your store so that the merchandise is easily accessible
  •  Set up a finisher section at the back of your store (customers love to sift through these areas for great deals)
  •  Organize product demonstrations in the store
  •   Place seats for those accompanying the main buyer
  •   Create aesthetic, comfortable, and easily accessible environments for all members of the family
  •  Make use of custom boxes printed with beautiful designs to impress the customers
  •   Another great way to attract new people during the travel season is to partner with other big brands

If you work with brands that share the same audience with you, there is the possibility that both companies will benefit by increasing their reach.

As for advice on the subject: “Pick a retailer that is geographically close to you or that serves the same audience and create a combo sale, event, or just team up to mass-mail to customer lists of both. It offers a discount to make purchases in the associated store, as well as they must also offer a discount to their customers to buy in yours. ”

Has your physical store resurfaced during peak travel season? If so, what have you contributed to your success? Tell us in the comments what benefits the winter travel season has brought to your business!

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