Don’t attack them! Let your customer walk through your store and if he needs help or you see him confused, come over and help him. Give yourself some time to get to know your store better and know which are the places where your customers circulate the most, where they stop for the longest, what type of merchandise attracts their attention the most? And this will help you sell more and make better decisions in the future that help you boost your sales.

Have you been wondering what to do to attract more customers to your store? If you think you’ve tried everything and nothing works, we give you these seven tips to boost your sales by attracting more customers.

1. Give your customers an excellent in-store experience

For what reason does a customer enter your store?

It is obvious to think that he could be interested in any of your products. Perhaps he does it to entertain himself or seek social interaction. What is true? Is that he aims to live an experience without sales pressure in a pleasant environment to explore and see what there is, back in the world of fashion.


Consumers are more demanding every day, and they seek to live experiences, but what are you doing to give them a good in-store experience? Are the custom counter display boxes enough?

However, in small and medium businesses, giving a good in-store experience can mean that:

  • Surprise your customers with details and added values; you must understand your customers’ purchase process for this.
  • Be attentive and friendly: Help your customers to make the purchase process as simple as possible, once your customer knows what they want, offer quick alternatives and capitalize on the greatest advantage of a store: proximity
  • Have very simple product return or exchange policies to build more confidence.
  • Place your best products very visible to stimulate the purchase.

Once your customer has entered, you have to make sure you know the most common route and place your best products at a glance and strategically to drive sales.

2. Personalization of your products to attract more customers to your clothing store

Stand out with your products! More and more customers want products that look like them and, more importantly, differ from the rest. More and more, the fashion line is moving towards distinction, original designs, and further away from mass-produced items.


Offer your customers the free possibility (if possible) to make some small distinctions to their garments that help them differentiate themselves from the rest, for example:

Making some modifications to the design of the product or the packaging, such as creatively designed Counter Display Boxes or adding texture to the boxes, will add much value to the products.

3. The digitization of your brand to attract customers

Take advantage of the digital age to attract more customers to your clothing store. Even if it is a physical store, you cannot forget about digital. Are you present on social networks? Do you have a mobile app or website? Do you have e-commerce?


All these tools can help you boost your sales. They will bring you closer to your target and allow you to have a daily interaction with them that is so necessary these days.

It will also help you measure the impact of your actions in-store, monitor what your customers think and say about your brand, and it will serve as another additional sales channel.

You can offer exclusive online garments or special discounts for customers who buy through this means that will help you boost your sales through this channel.

4. Be friendly and attract new customers

A distinctive value you can offer and help you attract new customers will be Pet Friendly or Kid-friendly. More and more businesses open to friendly initiatives, such as hotels, beaches, restaurants, and why not? You can venture down this path and, if your client has a well-behaved pet, allow him access as long as they are very close to their owners and have them controlled.


Many businesses are also beginning to use kid-friendly, which consists of setting up play areas and care for children while their parents can enjoy themselves freely and without worries.

Many of your customers will be happy to know that they can go shopping for clothes at your store with their children and that they will be able to do so very quietly while keeping their children in a fun and safe place.

5. Offer your customers payment, exchange, and return facilities

The more payment options you have available to your customers. They will be willing to spend more money since they will pay with any card without limitations, unlike other businesses that do not have some data phones to make purchases with certain cards. You can promote any sales discount through counter display boxes wholesale as they are more visible to the customers.


Be flexible with your exchange policies and allow your client to change their purchase easily, that they can do it any day of the week and at any time (during business hours).

Although you cannot afford to make money refunds, if they no longer want your product, offer those vouchers, discounts on new collections, or some added value not to cause displeasure.

You could also offer a section system for a certain time, giving you the opportunity to attract more customers by the possibility of making purchases without making a payment in a single installment

6. Make sure you have a pleasant environment for your customers

Details are very important, and by this, we mean the atmosphere of the store, give your customer a space that provides tranquility and comfort. Small details such as music (even volume), order, cleanliness are very important details so that your client feels comfortable. A very overwhelmed customer does not buy and leaves.


Use visual merchandising techniques to help display your products in a visually coherent way. When these techniques are used correctly, it encourages and helps the customer’s decision. Using consistent color mixing helps your client see all the possible combinations that can be made with a garment and help them make a purchase decision more quickly.

Another detail that could help you is that many clients go with companions, offering distraction and a comfortable waiting area, such as free Wi-Fi, television with good programming, newspapers, magazines, etc.

7. Take advantage of the spaces in your store to display your products digitally

Just as you present products in the physical store packed within display boxes, you can take advantage of some spaces to place televisions and display photos of your products. Show your customers how your clothes look while someone uses them, show possible combinations and uses.


You can also use tablets that allow your customers to see your entire product catalog and that they are able to make and see for themselves what combinations they can use for the garments they are willing to buy. It is best to place these tools in the places where your customers travel the most or behind the checkout when paying.

In Summary

Don’t attack them! Let your customer walk through your store, and if he needs help or sees him confused, come over and help him.

Give yourself some time to get to know your store better and know which are the places where your customers circulate the most, where they stop for the longest, what type of merchandise attracts their attention the most? And this will help you sell more and make better decisions in the future that help you boost your sales.

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