If you are looking to avoid any kind of side effects as a result of cosmetic products, then you must avoid all of the cosmetics having above mentioned ingredients. It is very simple and easy to avoid these products as all of the cosmetic products are displayed in some kind of cosmetic packaging boxes. You can check the list of ingredients on these boxes in order to avoid the ones that contain toxic ingredients. Cosmetics are products that are used to enhance beauty and appearance. These products are designed to cleanse, protect, and improve the skin. Many cosmetic products are designed to enhance or change the body’s external parts, such as the face. The main ingredients used in cosmetics are water, colors, moisturizers, thickeners, fragrances, and different chemicals to make the cosmetics sticky. When it comes to natural cosmetics, the ingredients used are extracted from nature, such as plants or shrubs. The cosmetic boxes have all the information about these products. These cosmetics are free of chemicals and do not have any side effects, while the cosmetics having chemical ingredients may have some side effects on the skin. That is why; cosmetics having toxic ingredients must be avoided.

What are Toxic Ingredients?

toxic-ingredients Any ingredient that harms the skin or causes any irritation can be labeled as toxic chemicals. For example, mascara is one of the most used cosmetic products all over the world. Some of the mascara contains an ingredient that breaks down and produces formaldehyde. Formaldehyde limits the growth of healthy bacteria, which can be damaging for the skin around the eye. In addition, many perfumes in the 20th century contained an ingredient, aluminum chloride, that caused skin irritation. It is due to the fact that aluminum can cause an adverse effect on the body if it accumulates in the body through the skin. These kinds of chemicals used in cosmetics are known as toxic ingredients, and they must be avoided.

Why must toxic ingredients be avoided?

must-avoid-ingredients The toxic chemicals in cosmetics can provide a timely benefit, but if they are used long-term, then your skin might get affected forever. For example, the harmful chemicals in some of the eye mascaras, such as carbon black, can cause irritation and inflammation. The reddishness in the eyes can be observed quite often when mascara is removed after a long time. That is why cosmetics containing such toxic chemicals must be avoided for good.

How to avoid toxic chemicals?

toxic-chemicals There are hundreds of cosmetic products available in the market. Each cosmetic product provides certain benefits. But these cosmetic products feature some toxic ingredients that can be adversely hazardous for the skin. That is why it is necessary for you only to use products that are free of these toxic ingredients and are perfect for usage without the risk of being damaging to the skin. Custom cosmetic boxes can easily show the harmful ingredients in cosmetics and beauty products. Labels on the makeup box and body care products are tough codes to crack. No company or manufacturer of cosmetics can be trusted for providing toxic chemicals-free cosmetics to its customers. Many companies mention the cosmetic boxes “made of organic ingredients.” Even in this situation, only 70% of the ingredients are organic, and then the rest of the 30% is toxins. That is why it is essential for customers to be very conscious whenever they buy cosmetics from the market. They have to check the ingredients list on makeup packaging boxes and the boxes for cosmetics. If the ingredients list contains chemicals that are possibly harmful to the skin, we should avoid buying such products.

Examples of Products having Toxic chemicals

examples-of-toxic-chemicals Many cosmetic products are produced worldwide by different manufacturers and cosmetic companies that contain toxic ingredients and organic ones. A few examples of such products are given in the following. We have compiled a list of 20 ingredients that must be avoided if they are in certain cosmetic products.

List of Toxic Ingredients that Must be Avoided 

  • Coal Tar


Coal tar is a carcinogen that is an ingredient that is a radionuclide substance and promotes cancer in the body. Coal tar is also banned in many countries of Europe. However, many countries in Asia are still not aware that the companies there are still producing products such as anti-dandruff shampoos containing a high amount of coal tar. Many other products, such as anti-lice shampoos and dry skin treatments, contain coal tar. That is why cosmetic products containing coal tar must be avoided at all costs.
  • Dea, Tea, Mea

dea-tea-mea Dea, tea, mea, are water-soluble ammonia derivatives with very high pH values. In this way, ammonia makes these ingredients carcinogen, which causes an increased risk of cancer. The cosmetics having these ingredients can cause irritation in the eyes and skin. Normally, tea, mea, and dea are used in soaps, shampoos, and detergents. They can even affect the respiratory tract if swallowed. That is why cosmetics having these ingredients should be avoided.
  • Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is sometimes used in perfumes that can cause severe damage to the skin. Sometimes it is also found in nail products, hair dye, fake eyelash adhesives, shampoos. It is banned in Europe and many other countries.
  • Fragrance/Perfumes

fragrance Many perfumes contain hidden ingredients such as phthalates. The result of making use of these perfumes can make the person feel dizzy, asthma, headache, and allergies.
  • Hydroquinone

hydroquinone Hydroquinone is a perfect ingredient to whiten the dark areas of the skin. In addition to whitening creams, this ingredient is also used in many kinds of anti-aging creams and is used to lighten the skin tone and lower melanin formation in the skin. Long-term usage of these products can cause cancer and reproductive toxicity.
  • Lead

Lead is an element which is known as the abbreviation of Pb. Information can contain carcinogen which is sometimes found in lipstick and hair dye. The cosmetic products containing lead as an ingredient are never mentioned on the cosmetic packaging boxes as many companies consider it a contaminant, not as an ingredient.
  • Mercury

Mercury is a highly reactive element that shows immediate expansion when heated. That is why it is normally used as a liquid in thermometers. But unfortunately, mascara and some eye drop also contain Mercury as an ingredient. The usage of products having Mercury as an ingredient can hinder brain development.
  • Mineral Oil

mineral-oil Mineral oil is a famous by-product of petroleum. It usually is used in baby lotions and as an ingredient in baby oils. But people have reported that products containing mineral oil as an ingredient cause redness and itchiness on the skin. The worst-case can result in the swelling of the parts of the skin.
  • Oxybenzone

oxybenzone The active ingredient in chemical sunscreens and sunblocks accumulates in fatty tissues. In some environments, Oxybenzone is found damaging for the skin. It is unsafe for some people and is linked to allergies, hormone disruption, cellular damage, low birth weight.
  • Parabens

Parabens are used as preservation for many cosmetic products. It is hugely linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity.
  • Phthalates

Plasticizers are banned in the EU and California in children’s toys but present in many fragrances, perfumes, deodorants, lotions. They are linked to endocrine disruption, liver/kidney/lung damage, cancer.
  • Silicone-derived emollients

Used to make a product feel soft, these don’t biodegrade and also prevent skin from breathing. Linked to tumor growth and skin irritation.
  • Talc

talc It is used in various cosmetics, such as lipsticks, mascara, face powders, blushes, eyeshadows, foundation, and even makeup designed for children; It is usually listed as talc, talcum or talcum powder, cosmetic talc, or magnesium silicate. Talc is often added to cosmetics to create a silky feel and to absorb moisture. Some brands make talc-free cosmetics. It is linked to ovarian cancer and respiratory problems.
  • Toluene

toluene It’s used in nail and hair products. It can cause eye irritation, fatigue, confusion, weakness, loss of memory, nausea, loss of appetite, loss of hearing, and vision. It also has a mild narcotic effect and can affect the nervous system. They are often hidden under fragrance.
  • Triclosan

triclosan Triclosan is a very hazardous ingredient used in the production of antibacterial products, hand sanitizers, and deodorants; it is linked to cancer and endocrine disruption. Avoid brand Microban.


If you want to avoid any side effects resulting from cosmetic products, you must prevent cosmetics from having the ingredients mentioned above. It is effortless and easy to avoid these products as all cosmetic products are displayed in cosmetic packaging boxesYou can check the list of ingredients on these boxes to avoid the ones that contain toxic ingredients.

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